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The company MJ GmbH meets the challenge of a fast and flexible supply of spare parts worldwide.
We have the opportunity Parts with our delivery service, with Time Matter (Deutsche Bahn), GO! (Overnight package) or normally by DHL, TNT or Post to ship. This means that our response times are fast and flexible.

In our premises in Erfurt is the large and well-stocked spare parts warehouse for machine types and aggregates:

  • Sakurai Offset printing machines
  • KBA Polly Offset printing machines 74 und 66
  • Polly Offset printing machines 74 und 66
  • ADAST Offset printing machines
  • ADAST Cutters
  • ADAST Grafopress Letterpress
  • Becker Compressors
  • Olivermatic Dampening
  • Orion Compressors


For all machine types mentioned above, you get the complete machine accessories with us.
We also distribute pressure chemistry and rubber cloths of various makes, which are tested by us.
Consumables such as calibrated underlay sheets, treated films, untreated, filter, filter bag, wash wound rolls, etc. can also be ordered and are in stock.

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